I love Camp Gan Izzy for the years of friendships and lifelong memories that I cherish. I look on my fridge and stare at the camp gan izzy weekly newsletter and just smile and can’t wait for the following summer 
Frieda Kellener

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a wonderful time drew had at Camp Gan Israel this year. he was very excited to go each day and was enthusiastic about the week's activities. the frequent trips to the "big pool with the huge slide" was a favorite. The highlight of the week was the daytrip to Sea World - he loved spending the day and early evening with his friends, fellow campers and wonderful counselors. We can always count on Camp Gan Israel for the most mature, attentive, and fun-loving counselors. Thanks for another great experience and we look forward to next summer!!
Debra Jacoby

My children only wanted to go Gan Izzy camp this summer. They loved the counselors. They are so caring and fun. The counselors even sent letters to the kids throughout the year.
After camp was over, the children could not wait to tell us about what they did such as having a powder and shaving cream fight, going in the bouncy house or going to Sea World. My daughter loved the campout. My younger son loved doing karate and swimming in the big pool.
Both children would come home daily and tell us what they learned about Judaism. They were excited about being Jewish.
Now, they are going to have to wait till next year for Camp Gan Izzy.
Pamela Kershaw

We wanted to let you know that Sarah and Rebecca had such an amazing time at Camp Gan Izzy this summer. They have learned so much and obviously became so comfortable with all of the CGI counselors. I must admit, I had a few reservations but CGI turned out to be such a wonderful experience. The swimming, field trips, and of course Sea World will be a favorite topic in our house for months to come. We would recommend this camp to every Jewish family. Thank you for making this experience so wonderful and it is official, we are doing the countdown to CGI next year.

Best Regards,
Rhonda Kirschenbaum

Lindsey and Jenny love Camp Gan Israel. They wish it was for the entire summer - not just four weeks! They would get up in the morning and rush to get ready (they don't do that on school days)! They loved the field trips and the songs - they'd sing the songs all the time. They can't wait until next year!

Vicky Alterman

Zevi loved Gan Izzy and is still talking about Malky, his counselor, and making her proud that he is a Mitzvah boy....... The warmth and security that you provide the children with is simply impressive. We are looking forward to next summer already G‑d willing.

Disa and Zevi